Monday, September 27, 2010


Second rate SLeague plays second fiddle to players overseas dreams

The SLeague, so they keep telling us, is one of the best 10 leagues in Asia. Not anymore it ain't.

With just a handful of games remaining in the most exciting SLeague title race in recent years two of the leading lights have been allowed to leave.

Home United's Shahril Ishak and Tampines Rovers Khairul Amri have been head-hunted by Indonesian teams and it seems the clubs are happy for them to head south.

Four points separate the top three and only three games remain. Ishak is the second top scorer in the league, second only to Etoile's Frederic Mendy. Amri has just nine goals this season and while no-one doubts his talent he'll probably get concussed by some baggage falling out of an overhead compartment on some budget flight and will be out of action until the end of the Mayan calender.

I'm a big fan of Singapore football. I've seen some great games there and there's some good players. I have no objection to players moving. But can you imagine Muang Thong United allowing Teerasil Dangda or Datsakorn Thonglao to leave before the Thai Premier League has been won?

SLeague is just emulating the Brazilian League.
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